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    This is a complex topic.

    I was a medical student from 1990-1993, did fine academically with a 3.0 average, passed Step 1 in June 1992,and finished 2 rotations. Due to a personal/family problem, I voluntarily withdrew from the School in Nov. 1993 since my focus was not there. Now, of course, I want to re-apply and am considering advanced standing--prefer into a second-year class versus 3rd, since it's been so long. Of course, I will retake the MCAT next year, and apply for normal 1st year admission. Am a Public Health Officer in the Air Force. What are my chances? I am not competitive in character and will go for F.P. or Psychiatry. Have talked to some schools already. Am 32 and single. Any advice would be appreciated.


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