Mar 1, 2020
Im getting ready to reapply and not sure if I can reuse my committee letter. My reasons for reusing it are that my school list was small last year and this year I will include many more schools plus DO schools who haven't seen my application before.

On the other hand 5/6 of my LORs are dated 2018 and I havent had any contact with these professors since then. This is a problem because my school requires that 4/6 LORs are from faculty and since im graduated I cant replace any of the faculty LORs.

The only new LOR I could get is from scribing which I might do depending on advice from this thread and my pre-health advisor but it does feel a little late to be getting a new LOR which would trigger a committee letter update.

Im non-trad and my stats are MCAT/GPA: 514/ 3.7
I only applied to 10 schools and had 3 interviews with 2 current waitlists and with the amcas FAP ill be able to apply more broadly so I was thinking about reusing my committee letter but I want to make sure thats not a red flag.
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