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Dec 31, 1999
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The materials (i.e., test questions, clinical computer simulations, and standardized patient cases) of the USMLE, NBME’s self-assessment program and NBME subject examinations are copyrighted. Publishing any ‘remembered’ materials or replicas of these materials on The Student Doctor Network (or any other forum) is an unauthorized reproduction of NBME’s materials, constitutes copyright infringement and is strictly prohibited. Any violation of NBME’s copyrights and trademarks can not only lead to legal sanctions, but can also have professional consequences. Medical students and medical school graduates, prospective students, examinees of the USMLE and NBME self-assessment examinations and subject examinations are reminded that they are bound to the terms they agreed to follow regarding disclosure of intellectual property prior to the administration of one of these examinations. Failure to adhere to the terms of these policies will subject an individual to various penalties up to and including being barred from future USMLE examinations.

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Misuse of or improper solicitation of copyrighted materials is prohibited by TOS. Violators may be held accountable as specified in the TOS. They may receive a warning, infraction, post hold, or be banned from the site. Additionally, SDN reserves the right to remove any copyrighted material, in protection of its own interests. This in no way obligates SDN to remove all or any particular copyright infringing materials. It is impossible for staff to police the site entirely. In some cases we may lack responding staff or simply be unaware of the copyright status of specific materials.

"Fair use" of copyrighted materials is permitted. For example, posters may quote relevant text from articles, trade materials that are considered freely distributable, and advertise re-sellable items in the classifieds area.

Users may not solicit, trade, or offer for sale any non-distributable copyrighted material anywhere on the forums. We do not allow resale of texts that are not re-sellable per buyer-manufacturer contracts, posting of content that is intended to allow others to benefit without having to purchase a particular text, or the posting of standardized exam questions or answers covered by nondisclosure agreements between testing agencies and exam takers. It is fine for posters to discuss their feelings about standardized exams or general topics that appeared on their test version. However, NO specific exam questions or answers may be posted on SDN. Organizations such as AAMC are known to actively monitor our site, and they take violations of this policy very seriously.

We do not release user data to companies who request info on those who violate copyright laws without a subpoena. Please simply refer all requests for such information to the "Contact us" link on the main page.
We ask that discussion of study materials be limited to those materials that can be obtained through legal means. We do not endorse the use of pirated study aids, such as scans and recordings of copyrighted works (including but not limited to "Goljan Audio"), and threads concerning their content or how to obtain them are no longer permitted in this forum.
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