Jun 7, 2015
I am retaking Dat because of low RC scores. On last test, I got really tired/anxious and guessed on at least 20 questions. To improve my scores this time , I am doing reading practice tests from CDP and got (20,19,17,16,16,16) . It is giving me anxiety that I continue to score bad. How to improve reading scores?

FYI English is not my first language.

Thanks for help
Apr 5, 2015
Have you tried the RC practice exams on DAT Bootcamp or DAT Genius? What is your reading strategy? What worked best for me was to allot no more than 20 minutes per essay to make sure you finish within the 60 min given. At the beginning of each essay, I would read through the entire paper and write key ideas for each paragraph (especially the names of any people, any fancy terminology, etc.). This way, you won't be so stressed as time is running out because you will be familiar with what you have just read and will be able to knock the questions out by referring to your notes and going back to quickly find the answer in the paper. Just setting aside a few minutes at the beginning to read through may be helpful especially if English is not your first language. I hope this helps a little and I wish you the best of luck!!