Dec 3, 2014
I have been wanting/itching to write this for a long time but finally got around too it. Before i say anything, i am not singling out anyone and I am not wanting to make anyone feel terrible about themselves.

Here is the reality of getting into an optometry school/getting an interview:

1. You need decent marks

2. You need a decent OAT score

3. You need to show a passion for the profession

There are A LOT of people on this forum who have number 3, but do not have number 1 or 2. I read complaint after complaint or story after story of why someone didn't get in, and 99% of the time it is due to OAT or marks being too low. Have you ever considered that your marks/OAT scores are a reflection of your will to succeed and your "passion" for optometry? I don't decide who gets into schools but the reality is noone gives a **** about how much you say you love optometry. SHOW THAT IN YOUR MARKS!

Now i know a lot of people can ramble off 100 excuses for why they did poorly but the reality is they all are total bogus. If this program only required 1 year of undergraduate, then i could understand, but the reality is, there are 4 years to prove your worth. Me personally, i had 1 very tough year where my GPA dropped 0.4 but my other years were more than high enough to cover. 4 years of poor undergrad performance is a clear lack of either work ethic, or natural ability to succeed in school.

In regard to the OAT, i can understand a bad day, but the reality is 2 bad scores and again it is a reflection of your lack of work ethic or ability. There are no excuses that can account.

For those that fit into the description i just listed, I do not want to demean you are make you feel less, but what i do want to do is try to help you understand and set realistic expectations. Simply put, there are hundreds of well intentioned students attempting to become eye doctors that simply don't want it enough, or simply lack the natural ability to learn and perform in school. For those, i say there is no shame, but consider picking a new goal/profession.
Jul 22, 2015
I agree and disagree. I have a 3.0 GPA largely in part to 3 bad semesters, 1.5 years. My brother passed away, mom diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and grandma diagnosed with colon cancer. All different semesters and I took them all rough and my grades showed. Not all schools are fully focused on your GPA or OAT. They are important but talking to the schools personally I have seen they want to know someone is indeed passionate about the profession ie, shadowing, LOR, etc.

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