Jul 3, 2019
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I am currently unemployed after applying last cycle (3.9x, 513) and receiving 2 II -> 2 WLs. I have already submitted 30+ MD apps and am currently working on 6 DO schools, however I need to find a job and I am unsure what type of opportunity to look for. On my application I have 4000 hours as a medical assistant, 650 hours nonclinical volunteering, 250 hours clinical volunteering, 300 hours research, 200 hours paid tutoring, and 2000 hours paid leadership. I quit my job as an MA a month ago and have been applying to paid research positions with no luck. At the moment, I privately tutor (5 hrs/week), volunteer (4 hrs/week) within my community, and will start shadowing soon.

I wrote on a majority of my secondaries that I plan on doing research this year (since it’s a weakness in my application?). Does anyone have insight into what kind of job I should look for to strengthen my app? I'm torn between (a) volunteering in a research lab since I can't find a paid position, (b) becoming a MA again, (c) volunteering with Americorps, or (d) any other suggestions?

If it helps, I did ask for feedback from a few schools last cycle; 1 school told me to rewrite essays (which I did), 1 school told me to retake the MCAT (513, but 125 c/p), 1 school told me to shadow and do research, 1 school I interviewed at told me no weaknesses as long as I had a productive year (I added a new volunteer position, new job tutoring, and +2000 additional MA hours since last cycle).
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