Hi everyone.
I'm a Southern California resident.

I just reapplied and i'm now waiting for replies from Dental Schools again.

My stats aren't great


AA 21
TS 20

oGPA: 3.0~
Bio GPA: 2.8~
Chem GPA: 3.6~
Physics GPA: 2.5~

Some Lab Experience
Some Teaching Experience
Plenty of Dental Shadowing Experience

I have been retaking courses at UCI as an extension student and i'm starting to consistently score better than I have before. However, I feel that i'm not progressing at the pace at which I would like and would like to ask for opinions on what would be the most efficient way of using my time for this upcoming year.

Here's a timeline for where i've been:
Summer 2014 : Finish courses at UCI and Graduate.
Fall 2014: Take classes as an extension student. Retake Physiology Lab (D- -> B). Take new course (Photomedicine =A)
Mid-December: Applied Super Late for 1st time. Applied to 16~ schools. Received only one interview for NYU.
Winter 2015: Retake Immuno (F -> C+). Take Anatomy (B-). Go to interview for NYUCD. Put on waitlist. Did well on the interview.
Spring 2015: Take Microbio (B-). Take Neuro (A). Ask for letter of Recs.
Summer 2015: Take Nutrition (A). Taking Neuro Disorders right now. I'm doing well in the class. A's so far.
Early August 2015: Sent application to Dental Schools. Not as early as I would like but better than last time.

I feel confident that i've developed the study skills to take on any upper division class, but now I have to worry about other things like money and time.

I'm looking at applying to Calstate schools to have a second Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry to help show i've gotten better. I'm also in the middle of applying to Western University's MSMS Program. I plan on applying as soon as the cycle opens. I'm applying for volunteer teaching position in Venice to bolster my ECs and to further develop my teaching skills.

I'm unsure about whether Dentistry is the best fit for me and have some interest in Neuroscience, but I feel that is in my best interest to stay the course and fix my miserable GPA before anything else.

Should I get a part-time job as a DA? Does that matter?

Should I go for a Graduate Program at a CalState?

What should I be focusing on? If I can clarify anything, please let me know.

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Jul 6, 2014
Houston, TX
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Wow, you're all over the place! I wouldn't recommend going back for another bachelor's, focus on getting a masters. Continue to shadow and maybe work as a RDA to get a surefire decision of whether or not dentistry is for you. Everything you do will be seen as a positive, it's only when you DON'T do anything is it seen as bad. Good luck!