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Aug 21, 2002
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I thought I'd start this thread insprired by Tweetie_Birds previous thread. Pehaps we can all collectively suggest some ways to improve our applications for the next application cycle.

I'll start with what I've done/ am doing since my first application to medical school:

1) Increased my GPA from undergrad below 2.5 .:confused: to graduate (in a hard core science) 3.7 :clap:

2) I'm retaking the MCAT in April to increase my score from mid 20's to high 30's (Thinking positive and studying this time!). I started studying in August!

3) Shadowing a physician (in the oncology clinic at NIH) and getting a letter of recommendation from this individual as well.

4) Applying to schools in ALL three tiers, with most applications in the second and third tiers.

5) Applying EARLY, having the completed application in by August 1, 2003!!!! This includes all letters of recommendation, personal statement, higher MCAT scores, ect.....

6) Submitting a paper for publication and presenting my research at 2 or more meetings.

7) Taking coures (related to my cancer fellowship) and getting all A's!

I personallky think it's absolutely imperative to improve the application although I've read a few posts of individuals that essentially submitted the same application and got in. Very risky!


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May 1, 2002
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I'm also reapplying. Had 3 interviews last time and have 3 this time, so far. Improved my creds. by shadowing 4 different doctors and getting a rec. from 1. Hope it gets me in this time.
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Jun 8, 2002
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This year is certainly better for me. Last year, I ended up on a single waitlist (Cornell), with no other acceptances. My fatal error was submitting a poorly-done AMCAS in October (BOO!). Furthermore, my exposure to clinical meds was a little less extensive than most applicants. To improve myself this year:

1) Submitted AMCAS June 30
2) Retook MCAT (First score, Aug 2001: 11 V/12 P/11 B S); I figured that scoring very highly on the exam (hopefully >35) would compensate for any delays in processing. Furthermore, I had time off to study very intensively for the test, and many schools processed my application with my first score after I informed them that I wanted this to be done.
3) Began volunteering fifteen hrs/wk at a rehab clinic
4) Work in a research lab at my state med school

End result: 3 interviews so far, compared to 2 all of last year, so I'm already better off.
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