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Feb 16, 2017
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*Hoping there is not a thread that is too similar out there*

Application cycle is well underway and I am still trying to get my rec letters in order. Some of the schools on my list have the requirement for 3 letters. The sources for two of my letters I have on lockdown: the LAB professor of a course in which I was a LAB TA for 2 years, and from the Pharmacy manager at my work.

However, for my 3rd letter I'm a bit at a loss. The course same course that I TA'd for has a lecture component with a separate professor. As as student, I interacted more with this professor than the lab professor, which was more of an employee-manager situation. The problem with this even though I think that both professors could speak to different aspects of my suitability for pharmacy school, officially they will be from the same course.

Do you guys think it's worth going with this, or pursuing an alternate route. I don't have any other professors that I would feel ok with asking, or else that would have been first choice.

Jul 16, 2017
Pharmacy app allows you to have up to 4 letters of rec. Which means if you choose to have another letter of rec from an alternative, you can have two strong (?) letters from these 2 professor and I don't think that would be a big deal. As long as the letters are positive, it can't hurt your chances. If it makes you feel better, call up your top choice institution and ask for their opinion just to be sure.
My top choice school actually advised me to go for a variety (no 2 pharmacists at the same settings/location) so I decided to go for a diverse group instead.
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