Recent interview invites from UCSF & UCLA?

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Oct 3, 2003
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Being the instant gratification kinda guy I am, I'm wondering if any SDNers can tell me if they've been invited to either of these esteemed institutions recently.

If so, can you say WHEN you were COMPLETE???

I've been on a roll recently, so I'm hoping it'll last for another week.


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I know that UCLA has been inviting, recently.
I was complete 11/8 and checked my status page to see that I had been offered an interview on 1/7. I called the admissions office and they said that I would receive instructions via snail mail as to how to schedule an interview. Right now, UCLA is scheduling out until February so hopefully that letter will come soon!
HOLY #$$#! UCSF wants to interview me! Happy Day!

btw, i was complete late nov...