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regarding reference letters?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by sandhar, Mar 23, 2001.

  1. sandhar

    sandhar Member 10+ Year Member

    Nov 29, 2000
    surrey, BC , canada
    Hello, hows everyone doing. i have a question regarding reference letters. I have shadowed a DO, and he will write me letter. i am planning on applying to three schools. DO i have to ask hime to fill out three reference letters for me then. Wont he think its too much work. How about people that apply to like 10 schools. How the heck you guys get reerence letters for 10 school. You will ask a proffesor to write 10 different reference letters for you. I am not sure how it works. Please help me.
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  3. Yosh

    Yosh Livin' in the WINDY CITY 10+ Year Member

    Oct 25, 1999
    NW Indiana
    When I shadowed a D.O., he wrote a "rec letter" for me, which I had him send directly to my Post Bac/Pre-Med Advisor, who held the letter in my file, and sent it out with my other letters of rec, when I applied to schools.
    Most schools give you rec forms to have people fill out...but if you call the schools and ask, as I did, you can just have your advisor send the "rec letter" from the professor or physician.

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  4. Toran

    Toran Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Nov 18, 1998
    There should be no problem with your DO copying multiple letters, or filling out multiple forms. I only applied to two schools, and I had all four of my recommendation writers do four different letters. It wasn't a problem for them, and I was accepted to both places.

    Good luck,

  5. CaliforniaGirl

    CaliforniaGirl Member 10+ Year Member

    Jan 21, 2001
    Palo Alto, CA
    Since my undergrad institution does not have an advisor commitee, I have been told that I can use a professional 'housing' service to hold my letter of recommendation. Basically, the recommender sends your letters to this company and they house them in confidence until you request them to be sent out to different schools. ACADEM is one such agency (in S. Cal). Apparently there are 2 benefits to doing this:
    1)The recommender will not need to
    go nuts copying a bunch of letter.
    2)If you need them next year (God forbid),
    they will still be available to you...
    and still confidential.
    I have contacted 3 of the schools I plan to apply to and they all said that was fine. I'm considering going this route, but if there are any other suggestions...I'm open to them.

    Hope this helps,
    P.S. the cost is minimal.
  6. tiffsatt

    tiffsatt Member 10+ Year Member

    May 3, 2000
    monroe, MI, USA
    My school has a pre-med committee and they did my letter for me and then sent it (just copies) as the schools responded asking for secondaries. But, I also applied late in the process, I'd say about late Sept. maybe early Oct. and my letter from my DO was a *itch to get for lack of a better term. Some of the schools I applied to required that he use a form that they sent with their secondary which meant that he could not write one letter and then send it to all the schools. I applied to 6 and he had to write 6. I also felt very nervous asking him for all of these even though he was my family physician and I've known him since I was in diapers (small town thing I think)!

    About them writing all the letters and feeling bad, I also asked other people in medical school and they said don't worry about it. Who ever writes your letter was one day in our position and doesn't mind helping someone they believe in. Besides, it was the secretaries who had to type his "dictated" letters on the forms provided, and we all know how difficult that was! Just my two cents. I also advice not to wait until the last minute. Three schools lost the letter he sent, and that poor secretary had to type it again.

    Oh yeah, make sure that you provide pre-labeled envelopes and postage to your DO. They are doing you a favor so make it as convenient as possible for them. That goes for anyone else who is writing you a rec. letter as well.

  7. CaliforniaGirl

    CaliforniaGirl Member 10+ Year Member

    Jan 21, 2001
    Palo Alto, CA
    Hello again,
    Just in case anybody read my last post in this thread about the housing agency for letters of rec, I thought I would give a little update about what I have found.
    I contacted every school I am applying to, and have been told by two schools so far (NYCOM and KCOM) that letters from such an agency are not acceptable.
    So nix that idea [​IMG]


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  8. dcpayne

    dcpayne Member 10+ Year Member

    Mar 4, 2001
    Columbia, Missouri
    Just something to check out:

    My undergrad school didn't have a pre-med committee, but they did provide a service for filing and distributing recs and transcripts. They held everything and mailed it out when you told them to, and they keep everything on file for several years. I don't know how common this practice is but you might make sure its not an option before you have your letter writers individually send in copies of all those letters.

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