Apr 24, 2009
Hey I tried looking but couldn't find this anywhere on the forum. I was signed up for the July 17 test (just a few days ago), but was hospitalized exactly one week before. I was physically unable to be at the test, which I would have canceled either way, and now want to re-register for the next available date. However, when I go on the aamc website and log in to my account, it says that I'm still registered for the July 17 test.

Does anyone know when this will go away and allow me to register for a test??? I thought that not going to a test was the same as canceling, in which case you could sign up for a new test the same day. Anyone???



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Feb 16, 2009
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I believe you have to wait 2 days to schedule another test regardless of whether you took it or not.
That is correct. You have to wait 48 hours before you can schedule for another test. So check on Monday and you should be able to registrar for another administration.