Sep 9, 2017
Hello, I'm a certified, and licensed Pharmacy Technician through the state of California. I am moving my family to Arizona. I have been trying to research if Arizona state board of Pharmacy has any type of license transfer deal but all I can find is that I will have to apply for a new license. I was hoping someone would know some more info at least, and if I do just have to apply for a new license, how long will it take? It took 6 months to get my California License and I really cant wait that long to start work in Arizona. Any help is appreciated!!


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May 15, 2011
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Moving to Pharmacy forum. You may get better answers there than in the med student forum.
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Abby Atwood

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Jan 4, 2017
I haven't applied for a technician license with Arizona, but I did apply for an intern license. It takes a while, but it shouldn't take 6 months. The slowest step is the fingerprinting. There was about a 2 month turn around for my license.
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Nope, if anything, AZ has a negative relationship with CA from past history. You'll need to reapply. If you're a CPhT, you can apply for an unlimited license. If you're not, you have to apply for a 3-year limited license, nonrenewable.

AZ is nowhere near the same wait as the CA bureaucracy. You should be cleared in two weeks if that if your CPhT is in order and you had your background check done recently for your CA one.
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