Remember that your life experience does count for something


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Apr 9, 2007
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Hi All,

Any non-trad that looks at the pre-allo thread can get pretty intimidated by the high numbers everyone has over there. I couldn't have gotten in to med school straight out of undergrad with my gpa (2.93 BCPM, 3.07 uGPA) but the combination of life experience as a teacher, graduate coursework in animal behavior (i.e. nothing to do with medicine) and a decent (but not ridiculously high) MCAT earned me:

4 DO acceptances
1 MD acceptance
2 MD waitlists

Despite the immense competition during this application season, I ended up coming through all right. So don't get too discouraged when you try and compare your numbers with a 21 year old with high numbers but not a whole lot else.


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Jun 8, 2006
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Greyhounds and Animal behaviorists rock!

Good to hear your story.

This type of thing unfortunately has been given the reputation of being some sort of corniness. Like for saying this you must be some sort of evil twin of Mr. Rogers who is luring the unwitting into some sort of cult massacre.

I disagree with that notion affirming without hesitation that though I've never met one Greyhounds most certainly must rock balls.