Request for Salary information in Orange County/Los Angeles Area

Sep 21, 2015
Pharmacy Student

I'm currently a pharmacy student on rotation and one of my project is to use pharm econ and compare the current salaries of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in the area of Orange County/Los Angeles. I am currently using glassdoor for most of my salary information but I would like to gauge how accurate the information is. Can you guys give me some insight/grapevine info on pharmacist and pharm tech salaries in these areas if you know of someone or personally work in oc/la. Throwaways are welcome.
Thank you in advance!


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Aug 23, 2010
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Take a look at this tool, although it only go back to 2016, it has the salary of EVERY pharmacists in UC system.

It looks like a few staff make upward of 200K a year.

Public information.

Have fun.
Smart. Maybe I should work for UCLA... Give me a job already!

Other than that... hospital starting pay is $60-65 (solid confirmation from several hospitals); friend works for a 3 letter retail chain for $72/hr but he's been with them for 3 years. Not sure what his starting pay was. This is all LA area; don't have info on OC pay.

- why am I posting in a 3 year old thread... oh well, I guess it gives people who want to stay in the area a 2018 update #notbitter -