Reschedule DAT..?

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May 21, 2018
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Hi guys,

Originally I was going to take DAT at 5/20 and submit everything right after the applying cycle opens but I've been getting 19s and 18s on my practice tests ( also still need to cover more materials) so I am thinking about rescheduling my DAT on 6/17. I'm aware that it takes two to four weeks for schools to receive my official DAT score. Would it affect negatively a lot if I submit everything a month later than the open date of applying cycle?


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If you think you can destroy the DAT by extending the date, then go for it but if you end up getting average or below average it will put you at a slight disadvantage. The sooner you can get everything in, the better your chances cause of rolling admissions. People with average stats are told to apply asap.
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Take the DAT when you are ready.
If you reschedule, you won't be able to watch John snow bang his niece.

Just take it. Don't burn yourself out by studying an extra month
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How much does it cost to reschedule?
This is what the DAT Guide says, on pg 16:
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