Rescheduling part 1 does anyone know

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Jan 9, 2007
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Hi guys,
I feel like I'm going crazy studying for the boards and want to move my exam day a few days forward to just get it over with. Does anyone know if you sign up with prometric and want to change the date, do you lose the date you have previously?

My concern is that I will go to change the date its scheduled for now to something earlier, not find a good date and then lose the one I had previously. If I can't find one I would just like to keep what I have now, but am not sure(bc it doesn't say anywhere) if you have to cancel the old one automatically without knowing if you will find a more suitable time.

Does anyone know how it works, I tried calling but all I get is an automated machine instead of a person to ask.
Thanks a bunch!

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go to promtric , clicke on Rescahsual appointment , and write your conformation number, and keep going , you will find the avialable days on the calendar . OK
if you don't like these days , just sign out and you will keep your old cost $25
no you dont have to pay until you try to confirm the appointment