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Aug 24, 2006
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which of these do you recommend more to improve cv ?
research fellowship before internship(as we don't have license it would be in the field of basic science)
internship(transitional year,prelim)
do the publications that we would probably have during research fellowship worth the increase in the time past graduation year(most residencies want you to be within 5 years of graduation from medical school)?
thank you very much for consideration


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Oct 28, 2005
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An internship will not improve your CV. Essentially, you will either be looked upon in the same light or even a lesser one if you do an internship year and your CV does not improve. Why would a PD consider taking you now when he/she passed you up last year - you have not done anything to improve and still look the same on paper. On the other hand, a research year will help you make connections, get good/great LORs and, if lucky, get some publications out. Now your CV and your whole file will be a step up from last year. I think the only reason one should do a prelim/ty year is if they are a phenomenal applicant and due to some freak reason, they didn't match. PGY2 spots open up evey year due to whatever reasons and if you are a stellar applicant who has done an internship then you are a very good candidate.
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