Research in ortho for ortho residency

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Dec 26, 2007
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I am an international student from India. I have done electives in Medicine and now I have been accepted for a 2 months research elective at Johns Hopkins in Orthopaedics. My personal interest is in Ortho now. Would research electives done in orthopaedics going to have any impact on my residency application, when I will be applying for ortho residency? Or should I try to find some clinical elective in the surgery specilality? What you guys think? I will appreciate your comments!

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As a foreign medical graduate, your chances of matching into a US residency are small, but do exist. Your best bet would be to have significant ortho research publications and to have rotated clinically at a few hospitals to try and make a good impression.
Ok. Thanks for your reply. How to get clinical experience in US hospitals in ortho? Because once you graduate from the medical school, it becomes really dificult to get some kind of clinical experience. Would an experience in general surgery be going to help?
I am not familiar with how you would go about doing that? Also, general surgery would probably not be very helpful in getting aquainted with an orthopaedic program. Although I do know of one foreign medical graduate who entered a general surgery residency program and rotated on orthopaedics and liked it enough to apply that year. He was excepted by the orthopaedic program at that hospital the following year. However, these scenarios are very rare.