Which DO ortho residency programs that consider *lower board scores* and *reapplicants*?

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Jun 9, 2014
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I am trying to decide where to do my audition rotations. Unfortunately I didn't do so great on my boards. Which programs don't have a hard score cutoff or are willing to somewhat overlook lower scores?

In case I have to do a research year/pre-lim/TY, which one is preferred? Which programs consider reapplicants?

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Each program may list their preferred scores on their websites. Look at the NRMP charting outcomes to see where you fall.

Make contacts with PDs at places that historically take DOs.

For Ortho, Research year >> prelim >> TY

Garden City in Detroit back in the day was forgiving. LECOM Erie also from what I recall.

Also, what's "low"? If below 500, that's gonna be tough. Otherwise 500+ I think audition rotations are more important to most programs