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Mar 3, 2013
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Hey everyone,

I will soon be graduating with my BA in psych along with a minor in applied statistics. I was putting heavy thought into going directly to a doctorate program, but have decided it will be best for me to gain some more experience in research (I've been volunteering with one of my professors for about a year now) to be a little more competitive in my apps. I also plan to use this time to fully flesh out if a doctorate is the right direction for me. Anyways I will be talking to my professors and my schools career counselors, but I'm, looking for all the advice I can get. What are the best places to look for clinical research opportunities that have competitive wages, as I would love to not live with my parents after school. Should I be looking towards hospitals or private research labs?


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Hospitals or university research labs are probably your best bet. Look for "Research Assistant" or "Research Co-ordinator" positions.