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Dec 18, 2003
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I am a current y1 med student. I have been actively engaged in immunology research and my PI wants me to stay around for awhile. I am sure by doing radiology related research would be better option, but I have an obligation to fullfill for my PI. there will be a paper with my name as the first author published in an immunolgy journal this summer and another one just published in an immunology journal.

how would this look upon by the residency director? would they think twice about my interest in radiology interest? Should I stick with the assigned project and apply for a residency position when the time comes?
I would appreciate if anyone give sincere adive.
thank you

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getting your name as first author is much more impressive than doing some dinky radiology project that results in nothing substantial. I would stick with your current research.

thanks for the reply. Does anyone has any other suggestions.
I agree - get some 1st author papers. Since you're already a medical student, it's unlikely you will have time to develop a good project in radiology before you apply to radiology programs unless you took a year off or did a PhD (3-5 years!). Better to show that you can do publishable work "independently" at this stage.

You should look into molecular imaging (try looking for papers/reviews by R. Weissleider or Thomas Meade, etc...). Someone with your background actually might be more of an asset to these type of research groups that are developing image-contrast specific for cells or biomolecules.

Good luck!