Survey on Radiology Resident Selection Process, Interview Formats, More

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Jun 6, 2016
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The University of Louisville Department of Radiology is conducting a timely IRB-approved survey on the current Radiology resident selection process, with particular emphasis on the various interview formats. The survey also addresses the impact of the change in Step 1 scoring and attitudes regarding the new ERAS supplemental application.

As you will see from the links below, we are surveying all radiology programs (DR and IR), all applicants in the current application cycle, and all current radiology residents (DR and IR) and fellows. This is the second iteration of this survey. The results of our previous survey cycle were published in the journal, Academic Radiology. Link: Impact of COVID-19 on Radiology Residency Selection Process: A Survey of Radiology Residency Programs in the US - PubMed. This second cycle expands the scope of the survey. The results of the first survey cycle and the results of this survey will be presented at the Association of University Radiology Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas, April 25-28th.

We are very respectful of your time, and we have carefully prepared surveys with only four (4) required questions. You may opt out of the survey after answering those questions or you may review the additional questions providing further answers or opinions as you desire.

PDs, APDs, Program Coordinators and members of any resident selection committee at your program are all invited to answer the Program Survey. I hope you will widely share the survey with your colleagues. Also, I hope you will share the Applicant Survey and the Resident and Fellow Survey as well.

The links to the three surveys are here:

Radiology Program -

Radiology Applicant -

Radiology Resident and Fellow -

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Email to [email protected] is preferred.

Hope to see you in Austin in April!

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