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    Hey guys I've got a few questions about obtaining a residency in surgery/EM/Internal Medicine. Well, the story goes like this. I am still a first year at WesternU and really want to go into either surgery, EM, or internal medicine. I also want to practice in Cali. I wanted to know what kind of walls I got to climb. Is being a DO limiting my chances, honestely?
    Also, what about practicing abroad. How does that work?
    Let me say I am extremely happy I chose the DO program over the MD one, even though I could have gone into an MD program. I really want to be the best doctor possible and care not about titles. But, if I am being limited because of being a DO, then I want to know how much.

    So how well do I have to score on the USLME? Are surgery residencies possible for DOs in Cali, with that I mean both MD and DO spots.

    The reason I am concerned is because I don't see any DO residents in surgery in Cali...or am I missing some thing.

    ok, thanks

    Does anyone have any stats?

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