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Jan 13, 2005
hey all
i am applying to residency programs but have hard time picking the programs. some tell me to apply to all and just select after interviews but i don't want to put my recommending professors through torture by having them write and mail out to programs i'm not interested in.
and i have asked people - what do i look for? but have not really gotten anything substantial. so i'm starting this thread to see what you guys say.
i already asked myself some questions only to answer them with "how do you know unless you start working there?" i asked people about the programs they are at and they reply that it's different for everyone. so i would really appreciate any input. thanks.


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Nov 29, 2004
Michigan (the state, not the school!)
I would identify some residencies that you are interested in (location / program, etc.) and then I would tour the site and find out who the current resident is...

Ask him / her how it really is--
Who are your bosses?
What is your daily day like?
Would you do this residency again, knowing what you know now?
etc. etc.

Also, you might want to talk to more than one previous resident to get a more complete picture.

This is an entire year of your life--you don't want to be miserable for that long.
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