Can't put my fingers on exactly what area I am interested it a bad look for letters of intent?

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Oct 2, 2017
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I am a 4th year pharmacy student currently in my 6th APPE block and starting my journey applying to Pharmacy residencies around the country. As of right now, I have not been able to narrow down my interests to just one area; however, I am currently interested in managed care, infectious disease, pediatrics, ambulatory care, critical care, medication safety, and community. I plan on applying mainly to managed care pharmacy system programs, pediatric programs, and some clinical programs that can provide rotations in the areas I am interested in.

When it comes to letters of intent, I know that they need to be personalized to each program I am applying to and explaining how THEY can be the best fit for me, but I am concerned that it may look bad if I have 1 LOI telling a managed care pharmacy program that I am interested in managed care for so and so reasons, another LOI mentioning I am interested in pediatric pharmacy for xyz reasons, and another LOI about community pharmacy...I feel like it may come off as if I am very unorganized and unable to make up my mind.

Is it a bad look? Should I only be putting my chips into 1 field? Should I mention that I can't pinpoint exactly what I am interested in? Does anyone have any tips on how I can go about this?

If anyone has tips or ideas on how to go about this from a different perspective I will gladly appreciate any help I can get!

Thank you.

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It would be a big red flag to me if only 1 of your 3 LOR mention your interest in my program's scope (i.e. managed care, acute care, community).

If you are that interested in managed care and community practice you should apply to PGY-1 programs at health systems that have both strong management rotations (ones that have a PGY-2 HSPL residency may be a good start), and strong ambulatory/outpatient pharmacy service-lines (i.e. meds to beds, targeted disease state discharge education). Most of these are probably super competitive academic medical centers.
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While asking for my LOR's and filling out my PhORCAS application, I've also come across that thought of wanting to consider multiple avenues of interest. I've honestly narrowed it down to two interests and made a top 15 list catered to those interests being a main scope covered by each site. I also looked into the other elective courses provided by each program that would still capture my other interests.

I am not so concerned on how I adjust my LOI's to each program, but I did make it known to each individual writing a LOR on my behalf what my main goals were (so all of them could be on the same page). As long as each program has some exposure to my other interests, I am willing to angle my applications in that regard.
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