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Resident rooms


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May 9, 2010
    So we have an EM resident room, and the way it used to be was a small room with 6 computers and a mini fridge and a coat rack. Mostly people would stick their bikes in there and occasionally use it to catch up on charting.

    Recently we are trying to overhaul it. Took out 3 computers and added a couch. Also we added a small TV.

    If you guys have/had resident rooms, what did you have that made it more comfortable/useful, and made it better for wellness? Or alternatively what would you wish it had? Looking for ideas on how to improve it while resident leadership is willing to spend a little money on it
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    Jan 24, 2006
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      Our residents have 6 desktop computers, additional laptops, a big flat screen, small conference table, lockers, sofas, mailboxes, some office supplies, video game system, fridge, microwave (I think), small library, artwork, photos of residency classes, and a fax machine.

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