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Dec 31, 2003
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Just out of curiosity . . .

How does one get asked to be on a selection/interview committee (as a resident)?

I was just reflecting on my rank list, and I recall a resident who probably had no business interviewing us, giving us tours, and taking us out to dinner - she hated her program and all her colleagues, and told us as much. She tried to dissuade us from coming to that residency.

As another example, a friend of mine felt totally isolated on his interview day because the PD and many of the residents seemed to favor those from their home school and did not really engage the "outsiders" as much.

A final example that I know: Someone from my med school was very highly recruited by a particular program where she happened to be dating a chief resident. They broke up - she didn't get in. Coincidence?

Do resident who do interviews actually have any sway in the decision-making process?



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Sep 25, 2003
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In our program if you want to be in a resident selection committee then that's all it takes. Some people want to do it, some people don't because it's time consuming. Therefore if you show interest then they'll probably welcome the help. And yes, residents can have just as much influence as attendings on rank lists and selection.
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