Resigned yesterday need PGY 1 FM position

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Jul 23, 2016
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Hi friends,

I have been let go from my residency yesterday. Completed 10+ months. Reason: medical knowledge deficiency.

Red Flags:
- 2 leaves (1st year: 2 month leave s/p giving birth) (2nd year: 4 month leave personal/family matters)
- Did not pass level 3 first try. Retook 1 month later, passed with good margin.
- Below average ITE scores, but improved second year.

I have completed 6+ months of hospital medicine, none of which counted, because I was not offered a second year contract because I did not technically complete first year.

So currently, looking for an open PGY-1 position in family medicine while I regroup. PLEASE message if there are programs willing to take a PGY-1 with experience, thank you all. Am willing to go to PGY-1 FM, IM, or prelim year.

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