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  1. Metamorphosis.DO

    Massive Debt — Can I Open My Own FM Practice Out of Residency?

    *Open to anyone’s thoughts. Seeking those with firsthand experience.* Going to Graduate as a Quadruple Amputee from a Private DO school in 2025. (both arms and legs = $450,000). I am almost totally set on FM. Also never considered opening my own practice until speaking with other practice...
  2. Joshdoc

    Fun Topic: Vaccine History in EMR

    When you are looking at a patient's chart in an EMR, is the patient's history of vaccines pretty straightforward to you? Or do you need to spend 5 minutes or more calculating what vaccines they have received (ie to avoid counting duplicates, ect)?
  3. D

    Those in FM, what would you like to learn/know about Pain Medicine?

    Hi y'all, I plan on giving a presentation to a large local family medicine group and I'm reaching out to see what YOU would like to learn from someone who is in pain management. This may be one presentation or a short series. Ideally, this would be useful and practical. So, think more 'what is...
  4. K

    MD Advice on FULL SPECTRUM fam med residencies please :)

    Hi all! I'm a current MS3 and looking to apply to family medicine next year. I'm from the midwest but would like to go some place new, especially interested in places with full scope practices and particularly a lot of OB experience that could ultimately allow me to be primary on c-sections...
  5. L

    Externship / Observership for International Medical Graduates

    Just completed this , telerotation. Dr Washington is very approachable, helpful and offers one of few clinical experiences available for IMG's, in California, and Family Medicine I highly recommend it. You will get a LOR at the end https://rogerwashington.com/externship-program/ Externship /...
  6. Asclepius293

    Chance at Interviews? - ERAS FM App

    Hello all, US MD here applying for FM this cycle. I will graduate this December and am listed as US Senior on NRMP for match, but have an extension mentioned on ERAS and MSPE. Had some personal losses and struggles at beginning of third year, tried to continue rather than take LOA and ended up...
  7. Asclepius293

    Chances of interview - Insight/Advice

    Hello all, US MD here applying for FM this cycle. I will graduate this December and am listed as US Senior on NRMP for match, but have an extension mentioned on ERAS and MSPE. Had some personal losses and struggles at beginning of third year, tried to continue rather than take LOA and ended up...
  8. Caffeine Matters

    Position Available a

  9. Asclepius293

    Low Step 1, 1 week late STEP 2 CK on ERAS

    Hey all, Applying family medicine as US MD this cycle. 212 on STEP 1. Going to take STEP 2 next week, submit my application 9/29, then update programs with STEP 2 score on 10/6. I realize that I’ll be at a disadvantage with the low step 1 and no step 2 score with possibly getting screened out...
  10. S

    Colonoscopy training for FM resident

    I am a second year FM resident in Ohio and planning on practicing in a rural ohio town. I'm planning on doing colonoscopies there as well...the FM doc who is there now is retiring. Does anyone know of any good physicians either in or around ohio that would teach and have taught endoscopy to FM...
  11. N

    FM vs EM: What is the reality of continuity of care?

    MS4 here waffling between FM and EM. And the question everyone asks me and I see posted everywhere is "well... do you want continuity of care?" How are we to know what real continuity of care is when we're only in a clinic for 1 month at a time? In general I'm passionate about meaningful...
  12. L

    Position Wanted Looking for PGY1

    Looking for PGY1 in IM/FM/Pediatrics/Pathology or Psychiatry.
  13. I

    Mercer Médical Accelerated Track - barely info online

    Hello, I’ll be applying next year and I’m positive I want to do primary care, specifically family medicine in a rural setting. I was interested in the Mercer accelerated track but there’s not much info online regarding it. How’s the application process, how many students get into it, is it...
  14. I

    Position Wanted Neuro PGY1 looking for PGY2/PGY1 including diff specialties

    I’m a Neuro PGY-1 in Midwest finishing IM intern year and looking to transfer to other specialties (FM, IM, PM&R, radiology, or Neuro). Ok with either PGY-1 available positions or PGY-2 swap. Replay or message me if interested!
  15. S

    Position Swap Position Swap

    PGY-1 Psych about to transition to PGY-2 in southwest, looking to swap for PGY-2 FM
  16. R

    Need advice - Psych vs FM vs Peds (DO student post-merger)

    Hey guys, Need thoughts. I only took COMLEX 1 (~600), no step 1. I really loved child psych, peds, and FM rotations. -FM: Love that you can build relationships with adults and kids over time. Don't want to do many procedures or manage HTN and DM all day though...Long hours/exhausting? Some...
  17. Doohickey550

    Can I call myself a specialist legally

    Hi, I am a second year family medicine resident and I plan on going into adolescent medicine once finished with residency. However, I do not intend to pursue a fellowship in this specialty and instead, I am focusing on this age group during residency and doing electives and core rotations in...
  18. FMTOIM

    Position Swap PGY1 FM in NJ looking for PGY2 IM anywhere

    I'm a current PGY1 in an FM program in NJ looking to switch to IM, preferably PGY2 spot but open to PGY1 spot. Message me at [email protected]
  19. V

    Why are combined FM/EM residencies not more common?

    Currently, there are only 3 FM/EM programs (5 years) in the country. Why are these programs not more common? To a naive med student, dual board certification in FM and EM seems to create the ultimate rural doctor, and something like this pathway is what other large countries with remote areas...
  20. V

    Northwestern Lake Forest Family Medicine Residency Program

    I was looking online for more information about this program since I was not able to visit in person, but most of the information I found was from the program's website. Does anyone know more about how this program is or have any insight? Any information would help! Thank you :)
  21. Caffeine Matters

    MS4s going in to FM

    Just wanted to reach out to all my MS4s on SDN who are going through this unique virtual era due to Covid and need to connect with residents! Feel free to message me if you have questions about FM intern year. I am a current intern with a university FM program.
  22. L

    FM residency - does it matter where we do residency?

    Hello! My question is: Does it matter where I go for FM residency? I applied to rural programs and urban programs, academic and community programs. all over IL (thats where i am from) and surrounding states also. I am interviewing to a good mix of places and the more confused I am getting as...
  23. S

    Pregnancy planning in fellowship

    Hi all! I’m a third year FM resident doing a one year surgical OB fellowship next year. I am getting older and my husband and I want multiple kids (probably 3+). I’ll be 30-31 during fellowship year. The fellowship schedule is strenuous (q2 home call for c-sections, one 30 hour call monthly, one...
  24. Bobbbyyyy

    Logging patients during FM residency

    Hello my fellow comrades, I am a PGY-1 FM resident. My program is unfortunately heavy on administrative tasks/scutwork/extra-clinical projects. One such task that takes up a considerable amount of time is logging our patients into an online patient tracking system. We have to enter in the...
  25. T

    psych vs family med

    Hello all, fourth year medical student here trying to decide between the two specialties (I might apply both- warning very indecisive with these types of decisions lol). Psych: I really liked hearing peoples stories and I am the type of person that tends to sympathize/listen to everyone despite...
  26. T

    family med or pediatrics residency?

    Hello all, interested in these 2 specialties and I am a 4th year trying to decide! I am starting my first inpatient peds (only have done outpatient thus far) next month so hopefully that will help determine. I am interested in doing rural medicine. I like the idea of full spectrum perhaps some...
  27. Doohickey550

    Do I really need board certification?

    Hi all, For those out there who run their own practices, especially if you run a direct primary care practice, how important is it to have/maintain board certification? My plan after residency is to own my own DPC practice where I will not be taking insurance, nor will I be interested in...
  28. P

    ERAS Expunged Arrest Disclosure

    Hello, I’m a 1st year DO student and I wanted advice on applying to residency considering my history. I have been arrest twice for possession of MJ. The first arrest was in 2015 (when I was 20) and the second arrest was in mid 2017 (when I was 21). I’m in the class of 2023. The first arrest...
  29. R

    For Sale Case Files Family Medicine, Fourth Edition, New

    Case Files Family Medicine, Fourth Edition. In like new condition, no marks or highlighting inside. $25 and free shipping
  30. R

    For Sale Family Medicine PreTest Self-Assessment And Review, Fourth Edition, Brand New

    Family Medicine PreTest Self-Assessment And Review, Fourth Edition, brand new and still in wrapping. $33 and free shipping
  31. Osteoimposter

    FM vs PM&R and the future

    MS3 here, having some issues deciding what I should go into (decisions being made soon). I talked to a pulmonologist today who was going to "give me advice" and he basically crushed both FM and PMR with an iron fist. His quote was "throw FM out, that field is dead in 10 years". He claimed that...
  32. back2skewl

    Rural Family Medicine School List Help

    Any feedback on my application or school list would really help! Case Western Reserve Rochester Emory Dartmouth Brown Saint Louis Jefferson Miami Miller Colorado Tulane George Washington Creighton RUSH Nova Southeastern MD University of South Dakota MC Wisconsin Loyola Uniformed Services...
  33. thatwouldbeanarchy

    Family Planning training at Dell Seton in Austin, TX

    Hey y'all. Anyone who's familiar with Dell/Seton Family Medicine Residency in Austin, TX... I know they're affiliated with a faith-based hospital system and I'm wondering to what extent contraceptive and abortion care is accepted in their curriculum. Is this the kind of place that would stop me...
  34. Tobirama


    Can anyone describe the differences between the two and the pros and cons of each? I have a passion for family medicine and want to go into a family med residency, but I also have a passion for obstetrics. I feel that the Board of Certification in Family Medicine Obstetrics will allow me to...
  35. M

    Abfm Fall 2019

    Anyone taking? Took it? I’m wondering where to check the prelim results on ABFM website.
  36. F

    Position Wanted PGY-2 FM/psych in FL

    Hi all, PGY 1 here currently in the south looking for a position in anywhere in Florida! I love my program, it’s seriously amazing but having some family with medical issues in Florida and it’s really difficult being away. Looking to swap into another FM or into psychiatry for 2020. Thanks for...
  37. B

    Is FM a dying field?

    Somewhat conflicted on my current interests. I really like the career flexibility, job flexibility, and diversity that comes with general fields like FM. However, I sometimes worry about its projection moving forward and I’m also unsure on the compensation having heard very great things and...
  38. Tariq Khader

    Only 1 interview, 260 step1, 267 step2 CK, should I be worried?

    Hello All. I have graduated last year top of my class, currently doing masters in health care innovation in ASU, my step1 score is 260 and step2 CK is 267, I'm a non-US IMG applying for Family Medicine. So far, I've only got 1 interview, which is very surprising to me, I started to get worried...
  39. Asclepius293

    Failed Fam Med Shelf- Matching

    Hey everyone, Last week, my dad’s bowel perforated and he was septic the night before my fam med shelf. I was kind of out of it and took it anyways which in retrospect was very dumb. It felt like a total blur taking it. I ended up failing by a few points. Clinically, I did really well and our...
  40. Asclepius293

    Matching out of State

    Hey all! Current third year student with an interest in family medicine. I'm really hoping to match out of state and was wondering if anyone had any tips on that or insight into whether that's more difficult to do in family medicine. Ideally, I'm hoping for Colorado or New Mexico area since my...