family medicine

  1. Doohickey550

    Do I really need board certification?

    Hi all, For those out there who run their own practices, especially if you run a direct primary care practice, how important is it to have/maintain board certification? My plan after residency is to own my own DPC practice where I will not be taking insurance, nor will I be interested in...
  2. P

    ERAS Expunged Arrest Disclosure

    Hello, I’m a 1st year DO student and I wanted advice on applying to residency considering my history. I have been arrest twice for possession of MJ. The first arrest was in 2015 (when I was 20) and the second arrest was in mid 2017 (when I was 21). I’m in the class of 2023. The first arrest...
  3. R

    For Sale Case Files Family Medicine, Fourth Edition, New

    Case Files Family Medicine, Fourth Edition. In like new condition, no marks or highlighting inside. $25 and free shipping
  4. R

    For Sale Family Medicine PreTest Self-Assessment And Review, Fourth Edition, Brand New

    Family Medicine PreTest Self-Assessment And Review, Fourth Edition, brand new and still in wrapping. $33 and free shipping
  5. Osteoimposter

    FM vs PM&R and the future

    MS3 here, having some issues deciding what I should go into (decisions being made soon). I talked to a pulmonologist today who was going to "give me advice" and he basically crushed both FM and PMR with an iron fist. His quote was "throw FM out, that field is dead in 10 years". He claimed that...
  6. pcvtomd21

    Rural Family Medicine School List Help

    Any feedback on my application or school list would really help! Case Western Reserve Rochester Emory Dartmouth Brown Saint Louis Jefferson Miami Miller Colorado Tulane George Washington Creighton RUSH Nova Southeastern MD University of South Dakota MC Wisconsin Loyola Uniformed Services...
  7. thatwouldbeanarchy

    Family Planning training at Dell Seton in Austin, TX

    Hey y'all. Anyone who's familiar with Dell/Seton Family Medicine Residency in Austin, TX... I know they're affiliated with a faith-based hospital system and I'm wondering to what extent contraceptive and abortion care is accepted in their curriculum. Is this the kind of place that would stop me...
  8. Tobirama


    Can anyone describe the differences between the two and the pros and cons of each? I have a passion for family medicine and want to go into a family med residency, but I also have a passion for obstetrics. I feel that the Board of Certification in Family Medicine Obstetrics will allow me to...
  9. M

    Abfm Fall 2019

    Anyone taking? Took it? I’m wondering where to check the prelim results on ABFM website.
  10. F

    Position Wanted PGY-2 FM/psych in FL

    Hi all, PGY 1 here currently in the south looking for a position in anywhere in Florida! I love my program, it’s seriously amazing but having some family with medical issues in Florida and it’s really difficult being away. Looking to swap into another FM or into psychiatry for 2020. Thanks for...
  11. B

    Is FM a dying field?

    Somewhat conflicted on my current interests. I really like the career flexibility, job flexibility, and diversity that comes with general fields like FM. However, I sometimes worry about its projection moving forward and I’m also unsure on the compensation having heard very great things and...
  12. Tariq Khader

    Only 1 interview, 260 step1, 267 step2 CK, should I be worried?

    Hello All. I have graduated last year top of my class, currently doing masters in health care innovation in ASU, my step1 score is 260 and step2 CK is 267, I'm a non-US IMG applying for Family Medicine. So far, I've only got 1 interview, which is very surprising to me, I started to get worried...
  13. Asclepius293

    Failed Fam Med Shelf- Matching

    Hey everyone, Last week, my dad’s bowel perforated and he was septic the night before my fam med shelf. I was kind of out of it and took it anyways which in retrospect was very dumb. It felt like a total blur taking it. I ended up failing by a few points. Clinically, I did really well and our...
  14. Asclepius293

    Matching out of State

    Hey all! Current third year student with an interest in family medicine. I'm really hoping to match out of state and was wondering if anyone had any tips on that or insight into whether that's more difficult to do in family medicine. Ideally, I'm hoping for Colorado or New Mexico area since my...
  15. Doohickey550

    Focus on pediatrics in FM

    I am currently an FM resident and I have a very strong interest in pediatrics. My goal is to try to end up practicing mostly in a pediatric setting after residency. I haven’t really decided on the exact setting that I’d like to be in, but traditionally, I have not really enjoyed working in...
  16. S

    DPC summit

    Hey! Anyone going to the DPC Summit in Chicago June 28-30th? Hoping to meet up with other residents who might be there! Thanks!
  17. goodvibes27

    Letter of Recommendation issue

    Hi, I’m planning to apply for the match this year and I had m completed an externship with a family medicine physician last year. It was a really good rotation and the physician told me that he’d upload a really good LoR for me. Now much to my dismay, this physician’s license has been...
  18. CoolCat53

    Can you make up for Low COMLEX 1 with COMLEX 2?

    So I scored pretty low on COMLEX 1 (under 500) and was wondering if I should bust my butt during my third year and take Step 1 to make up for it (which is extremely difficult in itself) or if I should just focus on COMLEX 2 and try and do really well on it. Say I get upper 500s or above, will...
  19. bp226

    Position Wanted Seeking Family Medicine PGY-1 or 2 starting July 2019....SE locations

    PGY-1 EM in good standing with LORs from PD and other clinicians looking for a Family Medicine PGY-1 or PGY-2 position in the Southeast to start July 2019. Please let me know. Thanks!
  20. G

    Position Wanted liscened need PGY2 FM July 2019 or PGY1 IM ASAP in California

    finished intern year and 8 months of family medicine. Already licensed and DEA in California. Looking for PGY-2 family medicine or current opening PGY-1 internal medicine position, preferably in California for family reasons. Willing to start immediately.
  21. DrKendrickLamar

    Position Wanted PGY2 spot in FM

    Good morning, I am a practicing doctor and am interested in a PGY2 spot in FM. Ideally, I would be interested in CA, TX, WA, OR, NV, AZ, NM, UT, CO, HI, AK. Thank you.
  22. R

    Position Swap Swap or transfer PGY-2 FM in FL to Northeast

    I'm a PGY-1 at a reputable university program in Central Florida, looking to move to NYC or surrounding areas to be closer to my husband. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
  23. S

    What's my options?

  24. M

    IM, FM, or Peds residency?

    I'm a 3rd year Caribbean medical student, and I have a terrible step 1 score of 212...I'm not sure what happened there but I'm working towards a redeemable step 2 score. I'm interested in FM, IM and Peds (basically primary care), but I also want to make SURE I get a residency in one of those 3...
  25. M

    Position Wanted Looking for PGY-3 FM spot for this year.

    I'm looking for a PGY-3 spot for this coming year. I know these aren't common, but they happen. If you happen to know of any, please reach out to me! I am willing to consider anywhere.
  26. J

    Position Swap FM PGY2 (Dallas, TX) with PM&R PGY2 anywhere

    I'm in Family Medicine right now in Dallas, TX. There is nothing wrong with my program, it is absolutely great and the city is awesome! But after working with a PM&R attendee, I realized PM&R is likely the best fit for me and the patient population I should be caring for.
  27. Doohickey550

    FM and PEM

    Hi all. I posted this in the FM forum, but someone suggested that I should post it here. Is there a possible pathway from FM to pediatric EM (formally or informally)? Say if I’d do lots of pediatric electives during FM residency and complete an EM fellowship, would pediatric emergency...
  28. Doohickey550

    FM to PEM

    Hi all. Is there a possible pathway from FM to pediatric EM (official or unofficial)? Say if I’d do lots of pediatric electives during FM residency and complete the EM fellowship, would pediatric emergency departments consider me for a job? Lots of pediatric ERs hire regular pediatricians, so...
  29. S

    Is it better to get dismissed or resign from residency?

    I am currently an intern in a DO FM residency. I am returning back to the medical field after taking a 3 year break. I was super excited when I first started , but once I started IM rotation in mid August, everything started falling apart. I realized I forgotten a lot of medicine and was...
  30. A

    FM practice setup sustainability?

    Hi all, I work as a scribe for a PP family practitioner. So far, it's been great and I continue to see myself as a family doc in the future. However, something that confuses me are the different ways physicians in the practice have set up their schedule. So far, it's been about half seeing ~25...
  31. S

    Failed Step 1 and Mediocre Step 2

    I'm in need of some advise. I go to a US med school, but failed my Step 1 (retook it and scored 230) and didn't do too well on Step 2 (passed but scored 225). Because of retaking Step 1, I'll have to do an extra semester (a couple courses to meet credits for graduation). I would like to apply to...
  32. D

    Letter of references from different specialties

    I am interested in going into Family Medicine , but was also considering PMR as a specialty, therefore I have been mainly applying to family medicine elective rotations but also a few PMRs. I just got accepted to a PMR specialty for a couple weeks, and was wondering if it would be worth it to...
  33. U

    Finding Guest speakers, resources in FM

    Hello, I'm a member of a brand new family medicine student interest group in Ukraine. We're looking for resources to expand our info about FM. This is a very new specialty here and few of our professors know about it. Are there any organizations or resources you could recommend? Specifically...
  34. H

    Does a PhD help getting an IM residency?

    I am a US-IMG with average scores and an attempt on CS who applied for the internal medicine this match and still have no invitations. As I am preparing for the worst, I am looking into any options that would increase my chances of getting into an internal medicine residency including applying...
  35. A

    MD & DO HPSP: Anyone with experience matching into internal med?

    Current Army HPSP recipient and M3 at allopathic school, leaning towards internal medicine right now. Based on the available match data, the Army internal medicine residency program never seems to fill with applicants and a newsletter from last year mentioned that IM, FM, psych, and pathology...
  36. D

    Reapply to FM- completed two years already...

    Hello all, I have completed two years of FM in a ACGME approved program and my contract was not renewed for the 3rd year because I did not take and pass the USMLE by the start of the 3rd year. I have successfully passed USMLE Step 3 and are even licensed in FL, New Mexico and working on...
  37. G

    IMG Family Medicine Applicants- Match 2019

    Hi guys, I'm a Caribbean school graduate completely new to sdn. Couldn't find a place for IMG's applying to family medicine for this cycle. Hopefully we can get this one going and support each other during this time. Step 1: 213 Step 2 CK: 226 Step 2 CS: Pass Step 3: Not taken YOG: 2018 Visa...
  38. N

    How do I delete this post?

    please and thank you
  39. utb2extreme

    Gratuating From civilian FM residency, incoming Active Duty, what's next?!

    Hello, I'm in hPSP USN, I was deferred to civilian FM residency. Currently finishing up my final year and getting a bit anxious of how active duty will be like. I don't have much experience e like those who are gratuating from military residency. I am thinking of ship billet, since I want to...
  40. F

    New Anticipated FM Program

    Hello Everyone! We anticipate approval of our new Family Medicine Residency Program in Fresno, CA through Saint Agnes Medical Center. If we are approved, we anticipate going live on ERAS the first week of November. For more information and developments, please visit the Saint Agnes Medical...