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  1. D

    MD Help -- Dual Applying Psych & Pediatrics vs FM?

    My main question / TLDR: Since Psych is not a guarantee bc of my grades, do I dual apply to Peds or to FM as my "backup"??? or BOTH??? Is triple applying even possible, or more like very ill-advised? Hi everyone, you probably need a lot of context with this. I'm a US MD MS3 female. I always...
  2. D

    Position Wanted PGY-1 FM Transfer to Psychiatry

    Hello all! I am currently a PGY-1 in Family Medicine. I am an IMG, old grad YOG: 2016, have ALL Step scores, including Step 3 and prior work experience in psychiatry in my home country (not residency) and psych rotations here in USA. I want to transfer to Psychiatry, as that is the speciality...
  3. optimisticallypassingorgo

    Failed Level 2. Should I still apply this cycle after retaking in 4 weeks? What are my odds of matching?

    What the title says. Scored in low 300s. Will need about a 100 point jump in 4 weeks to pass. Is it feasible? Should I apply to the match this cycle? I'm planning on dual applying Peds/FM. What are the odds I'm able to get into a good Midwestern program?
  4. F

    Position Swap FM pgy 2 swap position in Florida

    I am looking to swap with a pgy 2 in FM. My current residency is located in Florida. I am also looking for open FM pgy2 positions as well. I‘m okay with any location. I’ve signed up for residency swap but haven’t had one reach out to me yet.
  5. F

    Primary Care: First job salary and compensation (survey?) - NY vs LA - 2023

    I am finishing FM residency this year and will be looking to start my first job as an independently practicing physician soon. I am looking to settle in the NYC. I understand NYC is an anomaly in regards to pay (and maybe almost everything else;)...but so is LA:cool:). In regards to physician...
  6. UserUnidentified420

    Resigned yesterday need PGY 1 FM position

    Hi friends, I have been let go from my residency yesterday. Completed 10+ months. Reason: medical knowledge deficiency. Red Flags: - 2 leaves (1st year: 2 month leave s/p giving birth) (2nd year: 4 month leave personal/family matters) - Did not pass level 3 first try. Retook 1 month later...
  7. ResidentSwap

    Position Available PGY-2 Family Medicine Opening in AZ

    Featured Opening by Resident Swap, Inc. ( ) Family Medicine PGY-2 Residency Opening in Arizona North Country HealthCare Program 2920 N. Fourth Street Flagstaff, AZ 86004 Click here to check if this opening is still available Program Director: Sarah Coles MD (* see below)...
  8. Lugh

    Take Step 1? I probably know the answer…

    My school straight up told us it is pointless to take Step 1. They said that only Level 1 is necessary and that only ~6% of the past few classes took Step 1. Now, I want to do FM so I know I’m not going into a very competitive specialty but if I want to try to get into a good program in a metro...
  9. T

    Explaining a career change to FM from pathology

    Hi, everyone, I'm currently an IMG applying for Family Medicine Residency. The issue is that I am a PGY2 in Anatomical Pathology. I made this career decision because I was interested in genetics and thought that I was interested in doing research / being an academic. However, 1 year of residency...
  10. Mr.Smile12

    AOBFP ISE study(FYI)
  11. F

    Best place to find free CME?

    My employer grants 2 weeks of CME time per year. I already have all of my 150 CME credits, but I need to find some sort of course that takes approximately that amount of time to complete (i.e. roughly 80 hours total of CME). The course does not have to give official CME Credits, and does not...
  12. Lugh

    What to look forward to in (insert specialty here)

    Hi, I want to hear why people chose their specialty and at what moment did they realize they picked the right career.
  13. Lugh

    Future of medicine... Virtual??? What do we think/know?

    When I keep seeing Walmart and Amazon hiring NP/PA providers to care for patients, it makes me wonder where the future of medicine is going. All virtual, no physicians, quick, and disingenuous. I work with doctors and other providers and just about every single one of them HATE virtual visits...
  14. D

    Position Wanted Categorical or Preliminary or transitional position for PGY 1

    Hey guys, I am a 4th year medical student who was unable to match. Please, I am looking for categorical or any prelim/transitional year positions that may become available. Please message me if you see any opportunities, it would be greatly appreciated. I have all my documents ready upon...
  15. D

    EM Fellowship Boards

  16. S

    Frantic about what specialty to go into FM, psych, Neuro, IM???? Need advice

    Okay I'm a third year D.O. Canadian (need visa) with level 1 score of 428 (just passed) and 50-75th percentile class ranking and no usmle. Long story short I wanted to do psych and Neuro in undergrad and still am very interested in these subjects, coming into medical school I was aiming for...
  17. Asclepius293

    Too late for letter of intent?

    Hey all, I’m currently applying for FM residencies through ERAS. I was initially advised against sending post interview communication, and now I’m worried because I didn’t send my number one a letter of intent. I have sent updates regarding step 2 ck scores, thank you’s, and attended all their...
  18. V

    Geisinger FM

    Has anyone worked for Geisinger's as an FM/PCP? Everything that I'm hearing sounds like a good deal compared to other posts i've looked at, what's the catch? I've been able to see a lot of information about their med school and residency programs etc; but I'm just trying to find out what its...
  19. lgbtqstudent

    Are you a PCP? Help needed for LGBTQ+ Study.

    Are you age 18+ and a licensed Primary Care Physician in the United States with current or former LGBTQ+ patients? If so, consider participating in a research study on the healthcare experiences of LGBTQ+ people in primary care. Participants in this study will: Complete an interview for 1 hour...
  20. drmsb93

    Medicine’s Worst-Paying Specialty Is Luring Billions From Wall Street. What are your thoughts out there?

    This is the article just came out. Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
  21. L

    Position Wanted PGY1 Pediatrics, IM or Family Medicine

    Hi Looking for a PGY1 in pediatrics, IM or Family Medicine anywhere. Years of research experience and several publications.
  22. Metamorphosis.DO

    Massive Debt — Can I Open My Own FM Practice Out of Residency?

    *Open to anyone’s thoughts. Seeking those with firsthand experience.* Going to Graduate as a Quadruple Amputee from a Private DO school in 2025. (both arms and legs = $450,000). I am almost totally set on FM. Also never considered opening my own practice until speaking with other practice...
  23. Joshdoc

    Fun Topic: Vaccine History in EMR

    When you are looking at a patient's chart in an EMR, is the patient's history of vaccines pretty straightforward to you? Or do you need to spend 5 minutes or more calculating what vaccines they have received (ie to avoid counting duplicates, ect)?
  24. DrMDAware

    Those in FM, what would you like to learn/know about Pain Medicine?

    Hi y'all, I plan on giving a presentation to a large local family medicine group and I'm reaching out to see what YOU would like to learn from someone who is in pain management. This may be one presentation or a short series. Ideally, this would be useful and practical. So, think more 'what is...
  25. K

    MD Advice on FULL SPECTRUM fam med residencies please :)

    Hi all! I'm a current MS3 and looking to apply to family medicine next year. I'm from the midwest but would like to go some place new, especially interested in places with full scope practices and particularly a lot of OB experience that could ultimately allow me to be primary on c-sections...
  26. Asclepius293

    Chance at Interviews? - ERAS FM App

    Hello all, US MD here applying for FM this cycle. I will graduate this December and am listed as US Senior on NRMP for match, but have an extension mentioned on ERAS and MSPE. Had some personal losses and struggles at beginning of third year, tried to continue rather than take LOA and ended up...
  27. Asclepius293

    Chances of interview - Insight/Advice

    Hello all, US MD here applying for FM this cycle. I will graduate this December and am listed as US Senior on NRMP for match, but have an extension mentioned on ERAS and MSPE. Had some personal losses and struggles at beginning of third year, tried to continue rather than take LOA and ended up...
  28. Caffeine Matters

    Position Available a

  29. Asclepius293

    Low Step 1, 1 week late STEP 2 CK on ERAS

    Hey all, Applying family medicine as US MD this cycle. 212 on STEP 1. Going to take STEP 2 next week, submit my application 9/29, then update programs with STEP 2 score on 10/6. I realize that I’ll be at a disadvantage with the low step 1 and no step 2 score with possibly getting screened out...
  30. S

    Colonoscopy training for FM resident

    I am a second year FM resident in Ohio and planning on practicing in a rural ohio town. I'm planning on doing colonoscopies there as well...the FM doc who is there now is retiring. Does anyone know of any good physicians either in or around ohio that would teach and have taught endoscopy to FM...
  31. N

    FM vs EM: What is the reality of continuity of care?

    MS4 here waffling between FM and EM. And the question everyone asks me and I see posted everywhere is "well... do you want continuity of care?" How are we to know what real continuity of care is when we're only in a clinic for 1 month at a time? In general I'm passionate about meaningful...
  32. L

    Position Wanted Looking for PGY1

    Looking for PGY1 in IM/FM/Pediatrics/Pathology or Psychiatry.
  33. D

    Mercer Médical Accelerated Track - barely info online

    Hello, I’ll be applying next year and I’m positive I want to do primary care, specifically family medicine in a rural setting. I was interested in the Mercer accelerated track but there’s not much info online regarding it. How’s the application process, how many students get into it, is it...
  34. I

    Position Wanted Neuro PGY1 looking for PGY2/PGY1 including diff specialties

    I’m a Neuro PGY-1 in Midwest finishing IM intern year and looking to transfer to other specialties (FM, IM, PM&R, radiology, or Neuro). Ok with either PGY-1 available positions or PGY-2 swap. Replay or message me if interested!
  35. S

    Position Swap Position Swap

    PGY-1 Psych about to transition to PGY-2 in southwest, looking to swap for PGY-2 FM
  36. R

    Need advice - Psych vs FM vs Peds (DO student post-merger)

    Hey guys, Need thoughts. I only took COMLEX 1 (~600), no step 1. I really loved child psych, peds, and FM rotations. -FM: Love that you can build relationships with adults and kids over time. Don't want to do many procedures or manage HTN and DM all day though...Long hours/exhausting? Some...
  37. Doohickey550

    Can I call myself a specialist legally

    Hi, I am a second year family medicine resident and I plan on going into adolescent medicine once finished with residency. However, I do not intend to pursue a fellowship in this specialty and instead, I am focusing on this age group during residency and doing electives and core rotations in...
  38. FMTOIM

    Position Swap PGY1 FM in NJ looking for PGY2 IM anywhere

    I'm a current PGY1 in an FM program in NJ looking to switch to IM, preferably PGY2 spot but open to PGY1 spot. Message me at [email protected].
  39. V

    Why are combined FM/EM residencies not more common?

    Currently, there are only 3 FM/EM programs (5 years) in the country. Why are these programs not more common? To a naive med student, dual board certification in FM and EM seems to create the ultimate rural doctor, and something like this pathway is what other large countries with remote areas...