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May 29, 2006
Hi people,

I got accepted to one of the Osteopathic Summer programs, where they expose you to med school curricula and stuff. It's pretty competitive program, where they only accept 25 students each summer. However, I'm also interested in applying to Allopathic schools next year. I just want to keep my options open, because my GPA is pretty mediocre.

Do you think the Allo adcom will question me about this or possibly look down on my application (if I include this to my resume)? They would think something like, "Well this person seems like he's interested in Osteopathic, so why is he applying to Allo?"

Do you think this type of program would help me at all on my resume? Should I just stick to summer research programs (I've applied a few also)?


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Apr 14, 2009
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I know I'm not LizzyM (and hopefully she'll answer this) but I don't see why it would. The only difference between DO and MD is OMM and this summer program doesn't really have much to do with that, it's just introducing you to a medical school curriculum, and since Biochem and Anatomy are the same no matter where you take them, the program is probably no different than the ones offered at allo schools.


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Mar 7, 2005
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I think that the allopathics might thing, "good thing he did that osteo thing what with that gpa & all". So, in that regard it could hurt you. The allopathic schools are much more focused on grades & scores. The osteopathic schools seem to put a lot of weight on knowledge of the osteopathic philosophy and practice and having done a summer program may reflect well on you with those schools.

Summer Research might help your chances with the allopathic school but it will be for naught if your gpa is mediocre. If there isn't much you can do for the gpa, I'd suggest putting your eggs in the osteopathic basket but put a few feelers out to lower tier allopathic schools (your state school(s) if they exist, plus a few private schools in your range). Do be prepared though for the whopping big deposit the osteopathic school is going to ask for while you are still holding out to hear from an allopathic school.