Retake Advice - Should I Retake?

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Jul 30, 2020
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What are your previous MCAT Scores?:
  • 07/2020 - 509 (126/128/125/130)

What is your GPA (w/ Science GPA) (If relevant: trend, uGPA/grad GPA/postbacc GPA)
  • uGPA: 3.23
  • postbacc GPA: 3.93
  • sGPA: 3.43 (undergrad: 3.11; postbacc: 3.94)

State/Country of residence (optional):
  • TX

Ethnicity (ORM/URM?):
  • ORM - white, female

Goal Med school (Tier/goal):
  • UT Austin Dell - Median MCAT: 515; Median GPA: 3.92
  • UTSA Long - Median MCAT: 517; Median GPA: 3.88
  • any MD/DO school that takes me, esp. a TX school

ECs/Other Relevant Info:
  • Career Changer: left job in stats/analytics at Fortune 50 company to pursue medicine
  • Non-Trad: 30+ yo, BA in history
  • ECs: clinical work (nurse assistant x 100 hrs, scribing in cardiology, urology, and primary care x 500+ hrs), shadowing (surgery, radiology, primary care x 100 hrs), volunteering (100+ hrs in elderly/disabled assistant, basketball coach, 5k/marathon race volunteer)

Other Facts regarding your studying the first time:
  • Struggled with burnout because my date kept getting moved back due to COVID, original test date was mid Mar 2020, ended up taking it mid July 2020 after 3 additional cancellations "to get it over with" not exactly the best attitude looking back on it
  • Did not review OChem enough and bombed an entire passage and did not do enough practice problems for the equation based questions in Chem/Phys
  • Did not study for CARS but might this time so I could get a 132

Do you know/think you can do better?
  • Yes...
    • I am a solid test taker, I finished each section with time to review
    • my C/P and B/B are not representative of my understanding and I know where my weak points are
  • but...
    • I want to apply this cycle and don't want any pending MCAT score to delay my application (admittedly, I am a little unclear about MCAT scores and application processing)
    • I currently work full-time (and need to) and it would be expensive to get study materials again
    • I get frustrated studying this material again for what feels like the 4th or 5th time in my life

Bottom Line
I have a significant upward trend in my GPA from undergrad to postbacc. I want to go to Dell or Long because they are close to family. I don't know how to evaluate my chances because my objective numbers are average or below so I want to be able to pass any screening schools might have. There is nothing I can do about the GPA but want to make sure my MCAT doesn't draw any attention.

Appreciate the help!

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Apr 25, 2019
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You're likely fine for DO schools, but a retake will do you good if you're absolutely confident you can get a 515+. Otherwise, it might do more harm than anything else.

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Jun 22, 2021
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To build Off the previous post, Retake but only if you consistently score 515+ on FLs. It’s easy to have confidence that you will improve after studying hard, but FLs are the only way to assess whether you will actually improve.I’ve seen too many cases in which people retake, only to improve by a couple points