Dec 23, 2009
I'm a non-traditional student.

I've got two bad areas on my academic records.

One, community college immediately after high school, did poorly, got some A's and C's and W/F's here and there. The second one is while I was stationed at a remote Army base in Central America, I attempted online classes, but the internet ended up being terribly unreliable (would be down for days and weeks at a time), so ended up failing two terms worth of classes because I was too stubborn to drop them (3 or 4 classes if I remember correctly).

I've still got a little while to work on this, I'll be completing my B.S. in Psychology in 2011, and will be out of the military in 2012 (if all goes well) and will be able to apply for D.O. schools in mid-2012.

My current school which includes essentially all of my degree coursework I have done extremely well at, with a 3.81 overall GPA. My first community college, probably a 2.5 overall, and my online school obviously a 0.0 for 3 or 4 classes. This would bring down my GPA significantly, enough to cause problems and maybe even automatically disqualify me from some schools.

So how do I spend my a year of my time and money? Retaking classes I did poorly in before at each of those schools so I can apply in 2012? Or enrolling in a MS in Biomedical Sciences one year program after I separate from the military and delaying med-school applications by one year? Neither? Some other option?

I had no drive to succeed in the community college (9 years ago) and had no ability to complete the courses online (4 years ago). Since the transcripts will be so old, will schools even really look at them other than as a GPA calculation?

I'd appreciate any advice on this matter. Just trying to figure out the best way to spend my efforts.