Retaking pre-req's after graduating..does it look bad?


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Feb 27, 2011
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    So I am graduating this May '13 and I was wondering if it would look bad to retake my chemistry pre-req's at a junior college next year to improve my grades. (I received C's in both of the chem classes:( but my only C's!) I will have already left the undergraduate level education and be considered a graduate student technically..would this look bad to pt schools? Should I retake chem at a state school instead? Or should I improve my application by getting my masters instead of retaking classes?
    -I rather go straight into a PT program, not pursue a masters first, but I will do whatever will increase my chance of acceptance the most.

    **If anyone has any other concerns they think of or advice on what to do, please share! Thanks! :)

    My Stats:
    PTCAS Pre-req GPA: 3.29
    Overall GPA: HSU: 3.52, PTCAS: 3.46
    GRE: Verbal 148, Math 151, Writing 3.5
    Hours: 370 out/inpatient and pediatrics in my application. Currently working as an aide FINALLY, but those hours are not in my application.
    I got rejected from EWU, but still waiting to hear back from 5 other schools.


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    Apr 4, 2011
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      It will not look bad at all if you retake those classes that you got a C in at a community college. You would be considered a post-bac student, not grad student. Lot's of people retake prereqs at community college, and I think schools notice this type of effort, as it shows how important it is to you to improve your application and makes you look serious about PT school. There is no need to get a masters if you are wanting to just go into PT school. Just make sure that the schools you are interested in will accept prereqs from a community college. Most of them do, but I've heard of a few who only accept prereqs from 4-year schools.


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      Dec 18, 2012
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        It's always good to have a back up plan, but don't give up hope! You still have a lot of schools to hear from.

        I am a post-bac student, and I took classes at a local community college. I agree with okramango, do your research to see if the schools you are applying to require them to be done at a 4 yr. Some highly recommend it, but don't actually require it. Also, if you do find yourself working to strengthen your app for next season you may also want to re-take the GRE. Many schools will list their minimum scores online so shoot for that or higher.

        Lastly, don't give up on your dream. If being a PT is what you want to do then stick to it. Hard work plus a positive attitude is usually a good recipe for getting what you want in life. Best of luck to you!
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        Aug 9, 2012
        1. Pre-Rehab Sci [General]
          Also, if you are a re-applicant, I believe you have another essay that asks you to explain what you have done since the first application to improve your qualifications. Retaking the classes would be an example of something you could do to improve your chances.


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          May 6, 2010
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            I think if you improve your grades from the first time around, this shows improvement and persistence and will definitely make you look "good" not bad. I took all or most of my pre-reqs after i received my undergrad degree, I re-took Psyc 101, because i took it freshman year in a giant lecture hall and only went on and off, I got a C in it.(oh that darn freshman year) I took it again at a community college and got an A. Most of my pre-reqs were taken at a community college as well. The only exception was physics 1 and 2 and ex phys. My undergrad degree is also not related to health sciences at all. so far I am waiting to hear back from a few schools but I have been accepted to a few as well. My GRE scores were just about identical to yours as well. Hope this helps.


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            Jan 18, 2013
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              I was in a situation where I needed to retake classes just so I could apply...I was told by a few schools that if I retook classes, I would be taking a small hit. (ex: Someone with a 3.5 > someone with a 3.5 from retakes). However, I was told that I NEEDED to get 4.0's in these classes if I were to retake them.. They said that having these retakes would make me very competitive and that it is still worth taking the hit. It would be like taking 5 steps forward and one step back. It was worth it for me since I got accepted at one of my schools...I was waitlisted for another, denied by the rest, still waiting for one for another...your stats are much better than mine too..

              All in all though, its like I terms of the decision makers, in their eyes, you will move one step back...but five steps forward...just make sure you get 4.0's in those classes!
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