RN to ARNP or RN to MD?

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May 2, 2008
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I think that the future of midlevels (PA/NP) are promising in regards to salary and job security, but the double edge sword is what you want out of your profession. I'm a former PA who went back to medical school, and I'm currently in my 4th year in an MD program. I'm interested in surgery so the only way is to become a physician and do a surgical residency. I think that midlevels in particular want more respect and autonomy for their profession, but unfortunely there will always be a glass ceiling that will be unbreakable. If you really want to be independant without restrictions or not controversial (ie DrNP) then you should persue RN to MD/DO. :)
Being a midlevel in surgery is difficult. Not much autonomy to be found. I know plenty of PA/NPs in other areas of medicine that enjoy much more freedom. However, I think competent and aggressive professionals tend to find their niche in any area of medicine. What is your clinical interest? The thought of doing medical school/residency outside of youthful years terrifies me and most people I know that have gone through it have reported major regrets. The time committment is tremendous, and when the infamous MD comes people see what it really entails. Talk to NP and MD's in the area you are interested and get their perspective. Witht hat being said, I am sure whichever you choose it will work for you.