Rosalind PharmD Stat's? Vs Midwestern

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    Im looking to apply for early admission soon to either Rosalind or Midwestern. My cGPA is around 3.0 while sGPA is lacking at around 2.7/2.8. I do plan to take courses this spring which hopefully will bump me up a bit. Havnt taken my PCAT as of yet either. What are my chances to getting in either of those schools and what is the minimum I should aim for on the PCAT (obviously the highest I can score is the best for my application but what will suffice?).

    Also for applicants that have gotten in at Rosalind os Midwestern (or have information). I tested out of my gen chem and lower level bio courses. However Rosalind and Midwestern ask for 8hr in gen chem, I have only 4hr in gen chem 2? So this fall 2018 should I be taking gen chem 1 (Applying early for Fall 2019 Pharmd addmission)? I dont know if this would look bad on my file, going from gen chem 2, orgo 1, orgo 2 and then gen chem 1 lol and same for BIO.

    (Ive checked pharmcas stats but would like actually answers with pcat and gpa, to better access my position)

    Thanks for any help or advise.

    If you dont mind please share your stats (cGPA,sGPA, School you are attending, or schools youve applied/accepted/waitlisted in the past or currently)

    Thanks again

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