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Mar 14, 2006
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Hi All!

Did any of you get offers to go to MERP? I have an interview coming up, and I want to be accepted without having to do MERP! for those of you who were accepted to MERP, what were your stats, did you bomb the interview?

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when I interviewed in winter 2003 I was asked if I would accept med prep. I told the interviewer that I would not accept med prep if that was all I would get.

SAid I would rather go to AUC than med prep at ross and I knew I didn't need to do med prep. Felt I was a strong enough student as is.

So I got moved ahead from the sep 03 class to the may 03 class. Rest is history.

dont know your stats or history, but if asked just tell them what you feel about merp. In all likely hood, not speaking from a person who knows what the situation is at all, I think they try and feel out for those students that would accept merp if given the opportunity.
ok first things first...MERP and med prep; NOT THE SAME
in essence MERP replaced med prep bc of the shortcomings of the program. i know this bc i have friends that have gone through med prep and i have personally gone through merp. therefore i would NOT suggest you bargaining with the admissions committee. I was accepted into merp in august 2004 and i honestly have only great things to say about it. the curriculum is challenging, the professors are very knowledgeable and most of all it really gives you a sense of what to expect in med school. if at the time the comittee makes their decision to place you in MERP i would strongly consider attending, you will have a great advantage (providing you put forth the effort) in your semesters to come. i can say with total confidence that everyone i have spoken to over the past 5 semesters, me included, would have done it all over again if given the obviously if you get accepted into the medical program straight off then by all means that is your path and get to the island, bc the sooner you get to the rock the sooner you leave. but what im saying is merp is not a dead end and it is certainly not anything to be ashamed about. make sure you do your research and talk to as many people as possible if you are presented with such a decision. good luck!
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MERP is a programme sometimes offered to qualified medical school applicants to Ross who might need to brush up on their sciences before jumping in and taking on the real thing at Ross.

If you manage to get an 80% mark in all 5 courses in the 4 month semester then you will be given a seat in the next medical school semester on Dominica.

Slight correction friend. I read my freind's MERP letter and it said a 68% overall and no grade less than 58 = guaranteed seat in upcoming class. Not 80%.

I was offered the Ross MERP program for Aug 2012 and I would like to get some feedback about it. Can someone please tell me about the curriculum, housing, student life, etc? I would really appreciate it.

Thank you