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Apr 24, 2012
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I am at a newer medical school and there are currently no rules in place for our third year rotations. All students enter a lottery system and if you are "lucky" you have to move to another city. When I interviewed at other schools some had rules in place surrounding there lottery system for third year clinical rotations. The reason I am asking, I am trying to help form a standardized system at our school to help the future classes be a little less stressed and have our lottery go a lot smoother.

Does your school have rules in place?
If yes, what types of rules are in place?


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Mar 24, 2010
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We have a match system.

Everyone ranks their preferred sites in a series of mock matches in the fall; the choices are submitted online. Results are run through a few thousand permutations and the best result is published.

From there, students assess their chances of matching to the clinical site they want, and re-adjust their strategy/rankings as needed. In the early winter, the real match occurs where students submit their first choice only. Those who are unmatched after the first real match then re-rank what's left over and are matched accordingly.
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