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Jul 15, 2007
Medical Student

I have a question regarding obtaining residency and rotations. As a Canadian looking at attending international medical schools I want to optimize my chances to obtain residency in either the nrmp or caRMS.

My question is assuming the schools traditionally set you up with rotations in the United Stated, if possible should I attempt to do any rotations in Canada? If I do say a 6 week rotation in Family Medicine in Canada would it affect my ability to obtain residency/license in the United States? Are there any other rules imposed?

When looking at rotations in Canada what criteria must they meet to be transferable to the United States? I know the ACGME has it's green book rotations, is there something similar in Canada?

If I rotated with a physician in their private practice but the physician was an assistant clinical professor and had medical students rotate in his office from a nearby Medical School would this be considered appropriate?

Thanks so much for taking the time, and if anyone has any information on further resources surrounding this topic it would be greatly appreciated as well.