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SA rotating internships in NYC


New Member
Jun 22, 2020
  1. Veterinary Student
Hi everyone!

I am a clinical transfer student finishing my 4th year at UGA. I am looking to move to NYC after graduation to pursue a SA rotating internship, looking specifically at VERG, AMC, ASPCA, and BluePearl. I am looking for any and all feedback, positive or negative, specific to any of these practices and internship programs! COVID has really messed up any opportunity to extern, so this VIRMP application cycle will be a bit wonky. Worried about LOR too since I've been in online rotations for just about 1/2 of my clinical year......

Thank you in advance for your advice! For reference, I am thinking of specializing in IM (maybe onco?) , but also am loving the idea of SA general practice. I did my acupuncture certification and want to make it a huge part of my practice. COVID has made me want to do an internship even more since I missed so many in person rotations. I want the structure and learning experience.

All the best!
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New Member
May 19, 2020
  1. Veterinarian
I personally did not go the internship route because of the terrible hours and worse pay. You really need to consider living situations, how many roommates and where as well. Living in the city is super expensive, even if you are in a borough other than Manhattan, and traveling to that island can be very difficult. I grew up just outside of the city and until 2 weeks ago was in Union City, NJ with a great view of Hudson Yard from my bedroom window and that was cheapish and easy to get in. That being said, I know one or two of the big hospitals were recently under fire in the media in the second half of 2019 and maybe even early 2020 due to the treatment interns were getting so definitely have a look at that and see if you can find contact info for a couple of the interns at those hospitals (probably have a list on their websites) currently to see how they are faring. I did an externship at AMC with the pathologist there until recently and I really liked everyone I met there so that may be a good one to think of, but again I don't have any actual experience with the intern program there.
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