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Oct 8, 2003
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It may be too late for Sept. Class. But they might put u on the waitlist and if a few accepted ppl from september class decline their acceptances later on, then they might put u in Sept 2004 class (assuming u get accepted there). If no sit is left at all or anyone doesn't drop out of accepted september class list then they will put u into Jan 2005 class. I have been accepted to Saba in October 2003. My friend just applied to Saba recently (in Jan) and during the interview they told her no sit is left empty for Sept. class so they'll put her on the waitlist and if nobody drops out of the sept. class she will be put into the Jan. Class.

My stat:

BS in Biochemistry (May 2004)
GPA: 3.4
MCAT: (don't ask) ...horrible

My friend's stat:

BS in Biology (May 2004)
GPA: 3.3
MCAT: little below the national avg

MCAT is not req. but strongly recommended

In any case, u'll have a good chance of getting in if u have 3.0/above GPA

It looks like I m going to Saba for sure....after getting rejected from LECOM post-interview (my last hope in the US)...ugh stupid MCAT

Looking forward to go to Saba and not to mention a new experience


Hope this helps!
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