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Saint Louis U / New York Medical / U Vermont ???

Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by carolyn, Apr 5, 2000.

  1. carolyn

    carolyn Member

    Nov 15, 1999
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    Can people please give me their personal rankings or some more pros/cons about each school? Where would you go if these were your choices? I appreciate any helpful advice. This is what I know...

    Saint Louis: emphasis on training ethical clinicians, PBL and small group/independent study, almost 100% pass rate on the boards, good residencies, and low cost of living.

    New York Medical: progressive, interactive curriculum, early clinical exposure, almost 100% pass rate on boards, wide range of clinical settings & diverse patient base, emphasis on primary care.

    Vermont: great reputation in rural and family medicine, earlier-than-normal entry into clerkships during second half of the second year.

    Thanks for any helpful replies!
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  3. Dr'04

    Dr'04 Member

    Feb 16, 2000
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    I would choose New york med. It has such a diverse pool of affiliations that you will be able to explore every option. And although there is a commitment to training primary care physicians there, they are also affiliated with a tertiary care facility (Westchester Med. Center). I think it's important to be exposed to all kinds/situations of medicine since most people change their mind while they're in med school. And let's face it, it's New York! The city's easy to get to, the area of the school is beautiful and quiet, and you're not too land-locked.

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