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Nov 20, 2015
I (a rising junior) have 38 credit hours left over four semesters in college. It would be hard to push graduation earlier because a lot of my classes either overlap with one another time-wise, or are prereqs for one another.

Would it look bad if I took 12 credit hours (which is the minimum for full time at my school) next semester? How about the semester after? So far I took 15 my first semester freshman year, 17 my freshman spring semester, 11 the summer semester after that, and 13 for both my sophomore fall and spring semesters. The freshman spring through sophomore spring included 3 credits for research (now I'm fortunate to receive pay for my research, but I won't be getting credits that would normally be added amongst the total credit hours).

Also, I've completed a history minor, and will be quite busy next semester with stuff outside classes, so I don't think taking extra classes would be useful.


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Jun 14, 2016
I took 16-18 credits starting from freshman fall to junior fall. Junior spring I only took 13 due to studying for the MCAT, and this upcoming fall (senior) I'll be taking 13 again due to interviews/prep. Next spring I'll have 16 again. I think a few light semesters are fine, but 4 semesters of 12 credits might not look good. Could you pick up another small minor? Or if you don't want a minor, maybe you could just take a few extra courses, like an interesting ethics course.


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Jul 26, 2009
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what are you planning to take in the summer