Scheduling last semester in Undergrad, need help prioritizing


Dec 3, 2010
So I mentioned my situation in a previous thread, but I am about to start my last semester in Undergrad at the university of Michigan. I'm planning to retake some courses at community college next year as well as some other pre-reqs for PT school, though I am not sure where I plan to apply to yet.

I'm trying to decide whether to take a second Physiology course. The courses (pre-reqs) I still need are Anatomy (w/ lab), Stats (retaking winter 2011), Developmental Psychology, and some schools seem to want a class in computer literacy, speech, and Exercise physiology.

My gpa is currently low (2.7, hopefully 2.8 by the time I graduate). I'm scheduled to take Physiology II which seems to required by some schools, but taking it will mean I'll have to take developmental Psych (seemingly required by most schools) at a Community college. Even though Psych is required by more schools, Physiology I know I could get an A in, which would help boost my science GPA, while Psych is only a social science. I'm operating under the idea the boosting my science gpa as much as possible before graduating is my priority here for getting into PT school, and that mopping up the remaining pre-reqs I can do at a community college (money doesn't grow on trees :( ).

Does this seem like a good plan?

The classes I'd have to hit at community college would be:
-Developmental Psych
-Exercise Physiology (I can't get into it here because I'm not in the school of Kines.)
-Computer literacy and/or Speech
-And Intro Biology and general chemistry (re-taking)


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Jun 9, 2009
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From my standpoint, if I were a school I would be more interested in seeing science courses from a university than psych classes...obviously taking them all at the university level would be better, but I think if you have to do something at a community college psych would be better (plus if you can bump up your GPA with phys that'd be beneficial).

Just my thoughts :D


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Dec 17, 2009
Physiology II? Ewwww... Haha, I am not the biggest fan of phys... couldn't imagine taking Physiology II, especially if it was with the prof I had for Human Phys-- he was terrible.