Jul 24, 2009
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I don't know if these types of questions are what this forum is for, but I need some advice.

I'm currently enrolled in a year-round weekend program which is attractive due to the flexibility of the schedule (i would have more free time or freedom to work while taking classes). I have also recently been taken off the wait list and offered a spot at The Ohio State University.

Is the prestige/networking/hospital affiliation/impressive faculty worth ditching the convenience of the other program? The one now ends a bit quicker too, but I may feel better about myself going to the tougher school. I need to make this decision very quickly. Your thoughts?


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Apr 23, 2006
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Depends. If you plan on working for a chain retail or owning your own pharmacy - no, the school you attend does not matter at all.

If you will be competing for residencies - than it is possible that going to a more prestigious school will have intangible benefits.

Note the use of the word intangible - it is very difficult to tell what benefit going to a particular school will be, much less what effect it will have.

I go to one of the many new schools. The future will be based more on attitude and determination than the school I attended - at least for me it will.
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