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Jan 29, 2004
    Several posts in this section have mentioned the importance of a support network and administration that is understanding of married med students or med students with children.

    Does anybody know which schools have this type of reputation?


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    Oct 3, 2001
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      Well, one of the reasons that hubby and I choose KCOM was because of their reputation of having support for spouses and families.

      They live up to their reputation in abundance!!!

      In fact, I heard that KCOM has the largest spouse group of all med schools! There is always something going on and there are special activities geared for children.

      I don't know how the other schools do, though I know that the SAA group (the spouse group) has chapters at most DO schools.

      I have talked to some friends that are spouses at md schools, and they haven't even had one function geared towards connecting them to other spouses. Though, wherever you go, it is possible to create connections yourself and even talk to administration about using the school for get togethers.

      Good luck!!
      Rebecca.....3.5 month old mommy :)
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