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Jan 7, 2009
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Hey guys,

I have one question about resubmitting our improved scores.
Like, if we improve our scores after submitting the application and send it to schools, will they consider it?
since I ve read in the UMN website in frequently asked questions , like"
Follow-up question: If I am in this group and I have not been offered an interview, but I have not gotten a decline letter either, can I retake some exams and submit new scores before the application deadline?
We will not revaluate an application. We base our scoring and evaluation on the first application we receive. So the answer is no, we will not revaluate an application. That would not be fair to other applicants. Our time would not permit a process like that. "

So they wont consider improved scores? Is this ture with other schools like UIC, UPENN too?? Anyone has got any idea??:confused:

Thanx guys.