Scoring Berkeley Review CBT Correct/Total (New Scale)

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Mar 1, 2016
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So I've recently moved to The Berkeley Review Home Study Computer Based Tests to supplement my practice exams. I've exhausted all the practice tests from Princeton Review and AAMC.

I completed my first practice test and I was shown which responses were correct and which were incorrect....but I was never given a score for each section nor for the practice test total.

I've searched far and wide to find a method for determining the score per section based off correct responses over total questions and alas have landed here.

In a nutshell, I could probably "wing it" / "guesstimate"and try to determine my score based off of Princeton Review's scoring system but I would rather have a precise understanding of how I scored in each section and the practice exam total score based off how many questions I got right and how many I got wrong.

Example: Psych/Socio/Bio Foundations of Behavior --> Correct responses 36 Total Questions 59. Section Score: ???

If anyone could help me out or give any kind of simple formula/principle to use it would help me immensely.

P.S. for $135 for 4 practice exams and only a 40 day account membership you think the product would be better value, less clunky, and more intuitive -_-