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Oct 16, 2003
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Just a little something to ease the tension: I was complaining about signing outside the match (can you believe it!?) saying that I was disappointed that I would miss all the excitement of match day, I felt it was like finding all your X-mas presents before Santa came. A friend of mine said: ?well, have you ever wanted something really bad for X-mas and when you got up X-mas day, it wasn?t there? Do you really want a visit from ?Scramble Claus???? And thus began the legend of Scramble Claus! So combining boredom, a computer, and a couple of beers, I wrote a song called ?Scramble Claus is Coming to Town?. It was written for my stressed out friend to ease his mood, and I hope you find it funny and that it makes you smile on this stressful and exciting week! I posted the song as an MP3 on my website. Click the link to go to the song!! Good luck with everything I wish you all the best!!!


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Sep 24, 2002
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Nice song, but even better is the pic of Khomeini Claus
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