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    I am planning to apply to schools in June, but am also starting a three month long trip to South America later this month. My return date is still flexible. I would like to apply as early as possible, but don't want to return home with a collection of overdue secondaries. How long does the whole process take (for AACOM to send to all schools and schools to send applications out)? Also, how much time do most schools give you to return secondaries? I plan to call my schools on interest for individual info, but any general advice would help.
  2. I remember applying the very first week the AACOMAS application was available (1st week of June), and got many secondaries beginning the middle of July. For the schools I applied to, they gave a maximum of one month to send the secondaries in. But even if there were no deadline, I would highly suggest you send them in ASAP. Good luck to you.
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    I remember the wise words of a physician friend of mine when I was considering taking a long cycling trip during the application period: "Get your priorities straight and make it [admission] happen at the expense of all other things." If you have good numbers and apply as you should (June 1st) the secondaries will come quickly- end of June and July. Help yourself by calling AACOMAS weekly until they assure you they have sent your app to the schools- then call them again!

    Consider taking the trip to S.A. after the application/interview process- it'll still be there and you'll have a great accomplishment under your belt. The application and especially the interview process is a very rigorous ordeal that requires great focus. I hope your long trip out of the country is not too great a a time when you must be as focused as possible on reaching your goal.

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